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There are a few early civilian Jeeps known as "Agrijeeps" and in the early 1950s... [more]
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What's New
Robbie’s Barn Find
Nothing is more exciting for a jeep lover than the prospect of a “barn find”. There is something magical about finding an old jeep tucked away from the world and the elements in an old barn, waiting for a new life. We haven’t had our own barn find, but have reported the news of other’s experiences. But on a late summer day, the youngest Farm Jeep member had his...[more]
1947 Willys Jeep CJ-2A: Project "Old Yeller"
"Old Yeller" Part 1 - The "JRT"
"Old Yeller" Part 2 - The 1st day
"Old Yeller" Part 3 - Breaks and Brakes
"Old Yeller" Part 4 - Re-headed and Re-braked
"Old Yeller" Part 5 - Part(s) of the Adventure
"Old Yeller" Part 6 - That Sounds Better
"Old Yeller" Part 7 - The Rites of Spring
"Old Yeller" Part 8 - JRT Take Two
"Old Yeller" Part 9 - Fueling Around
"Old Yeller" Part 10 - “Lipstick on a Pig”
"Old Yeller" Part 11 - Pumping
"Old Yeller" Happy 1st JRT Anniversary!
"Old Yeller" Part 12 - Up In Arms
"Old Yeller" Feb. 2004 – Aug. 2005 Update
"Old Yeller" Part 13 - Pumping Part II
1949 Willys Jeep CJ-3A: Project "Ole Blue"
"Ole Blue" Part 1 – JRT Take Two
"Ole Blue" Part 2 – What is it?
"Ole Blue" Part 3 – Body Blues
"Ole Blue" Part 4 – SPUG Nuts
"Ole Blue" Feb. 2004 – Aug. 2005 Update
"Ole Blue" Part 5 – Paint, Parts and Persistence
"Ole Blue" Part 6 – Hour by Hour, Nut by Nut
"Ole Blue" Part 7 – What a Sweet Sound
"Ole Blue" Part 8 – Body Fine Work
"Ole Blue" Part 9 – A lot of progress in a lot of months
"Ole Blue" Part 10 – Cleanup on bay 2
"Ole Blue" Part 11 – Another uplifting experience
"Ole Blue" Part 12 – A Rebolting Development
"Ole Blue" Part 13 – A New Jeeper in the Family
"Ole Blue" Part 14 – Wire Was I Again
"Ole Blue" Part 15 – Drum Roll Please!
"Ole Blue" Part 16 – These Little Things
"Ole Blue" Part 17 – In (and under) the hood
"Ole Blue" Part 18 – Timing is Everything
"Ole Blue" Part 19 – Stay Right There…
"Ole Blue" Part 20 – PTO'd
Everything Else
Robbie’s Barn Find
We haven’t had our own barn find... on a late summer day, the youngest Farm Jeep member had his...[more]
Jeeps in the Family 
Paul "PD" Lawson, Barry’s father-in-law and Evan’s grandfather, owned at least 3 “flat fender” jeeps...[more]
Rich's "Barn Find": '65 CJ-5 w/ Stratton 3-pt hitch
"It was listed on Craig's List as 'Willys  Universal Tractor'   I wasn't even going to click on it !  As soon as I did my jaw dropped.  Thought to myself I know what this is..."[more]
A Farm Jeep in the West of Ireland
Seamus Lefory-Brooks of Buckingham, England sent us a wonderful story of a 1942 Ford GPW his father purchased from Metamet of London...[more]
Life, Death and Old Jeeps 
My maternal grandfather, the man I called “P.D.”, passed away in the spring of 2004...[more]
2 Farm Jeeps, 2 Projects
We're now planning to spend the summer taking the blue Jeep apart and doing a frame up restoration...[more]
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